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Boost mood and stimulate fat loss

Our No-Stim supplement will prime your body for the fat burning process while boosting your energy and reducing your appetite. Full of bioactive compounds like Bitter Orange and Cayenne that will target stubborn fat stores in your body and give you energy without the jitters of caffeine while naturally suppressing your appetite. We’ve carefully crafted a formulation that delivers maximum benefits - try it today for an improved mood and weight loss journey.


Bitter Orange is a rich source of alkaloids, including synephrine and octopamine, that act directly and indirectly as adrenergic agents. These agents stimulate beta-agonist activity, which enhances lipolysis and increases the resting metabolic rate, leading to the breakdown of fats. The active compound in Cayenne, Capsicum annuum, also promotes thermogenesis by triggering the activation of vanilloid receptors or similar receptors, which generate heat and burn calories. Nutmeg contains Myristicin, a central nervous system stimulant that has been found to increase brain serotonin levels and promote feelings of fullness, reducing appetite. L-tyrosine is a vital amino acid that acts as a building block for catecholamines, which play a crucial role in regulating metabolism. Once it crosses the blood-brain barrier, L-tyrosine is converted to L-DOPA, which improves the availability of dopamine and norepinephrine in the synaptic vesicles. This, in turn, enhances the thermogenic effect of Bitter Orange and Cayenne, with norepinephrine acting as the main mediator of these effects.

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